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Site Last Updated Today: December 18, 2018
Updated January 28, 2008 Kerry was dragged into the mall security office after she was caught stuffing makeup down her pants. The officer instructed her to remove all her clothing, then searched her head to toe for any other stolen goods. She then had Kerry bend over the desk so she could feel deep inside her holes for any hidden items!
Updated January 21, 2008 Gina was arrested for shoplifting and brought down to the local prison. This was the second time she was arrested this month and the arresting officer was pissed off. She realized that the system wasn't working so she decided to teach her a lesson of her own. After she stripped her off her clothing she was given a deep vaginal and anal cavity search!
Bonus Update
Bonus update January 21, 2008 Sophia was placed in a cell all by herself to keep the "rough" prisoners from messing with her. One night after the prison guards left, they left her cell open by mistake. Two horny cellmates happened to walk in and find Sophia. The two girls decided they were going to have funn with her. Watch as they have her to suck on a strapon dildo before fucking her hard in her ass!
Updated January 14, 2008 Deanna was arrested for shoplifting and brought down to the prison holding cell. After the detective arrived, she brought Deanna into the main office for an entire humiliating strip and cavity search. Deanna is stripped down and has her asshole spread and poked. She is then put back into the holding cell without any clothes!
Updated January 7, 2008 Carrie was arrested and brought down to the prison holding cell. After the detective arrived, she brought Carrie into the main office for an entire humiliating strip and cavity search. Carrie is stripped down and has her asshole spread and poked. She is then put back into the holding cell without her clothes!
Updated January 1, 2008 Mandy was caught taking a five-fingered discount by Officer Warren in her mall. She cuffed her and brought her down to the holding cell for a cavity search. She had her mugshot taken, then was stripped down, exposing her perky breasts and firm ass. Then Mandy was humiliated by the guard who gave her a complete vaginal and rectal examination.!
Updated December 17, 2007 Michelle's rich father was off on a business trip and couldn't get home to bail her out of jail for shoplifting again, so she tried to bribe the officer on duty. She reached through the bars for his pants and unzipped his pants, pulling out his cock. She got down on her knees and gave him a deep-throat blowjob through the prison bars. He let her out so he could bend her over his desk and fuck her in the ass but as soon as he's done he tosses her right back behind bars!
Bonus Update
Updated December 17, 2007Samantha was arrested and brought down to the prison for stealing a shirt from the clothing store. This was the third time she was arrested this year and the officer was getting sick and tired of it. She realized there was only going to be one way to teach her a lesson. She pulled out a cane and proceeded to give Samantha an extremely hard caning. She warned her if she got caught stealing again she would face even worse consequences!
Updated December 10, 2007 Courtney has been running around town with some really bad gals. While they were breaking into a car, they were busted by the cops. She was brought down into the holding room. The arresting officer knows Karen's family and decides that a little extreme action will help straighten her out!
Updated December 3, 2007 Melanie got hauled down to police headquarters for stealing her ex-boyfriend's car. The processing officer is instructed to give her a full cavity search since they haven't found the car keys. Melanie is ordered to strip her clothes off until she's completely naked. The officer bends her over the desk and puts on a glove to search her asshole and pussy for the missing car keys before she locks Melanie up in the jail cell!
Updated November 26, 2007 Elisha got dragged down to the police station for a cavity search by Officer Harding. She gets her mugshot taken, then is ordered to strip down. Her bra and panties come off revealing her big breasts and firm ass. Jen Harding searches every inch of this convict but when she doesn't find anything, she goes deep inside her ass looking for clues!
Updated November 19, 2007 Heidi was caught breaking and entering and was brought down to the police station by Jen Harding. Heidi is an honor student with a clean record, but she's about to get a rude awakening. She is stripped naked by Officer Harding in a strip search, then her tight holes are searched!
Updated November 12, 2007 Jennifer was caught stealing by sexy policewoman Jen Harding. She was brought down to the station for processing. Jen instructed her to remove her clothing. The cavity search consisted of a deep inspection of Jennifer's asshole!
Updated November 5, 2007 Nicole and Rachel get into an argument in prison when Nicole steals her water while she was sleeping. Rachel settles the argument when she climbs up to the top bunk and makes her to strip naked, then has her way with her gorgeous body. Rachel sticks her fingers in Nicole's pussy while she licks her asshole!







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