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Site Last Updated Today: December 18, 2018
Updated October 29, 2007 Maria was banned from the convenience store near her house because she stole one too many bottles of liquor. But she keeps going back and this time the manager called the cops on her. So officer Harding came by and took her off to jail. Officer Harding bent her over onto her desk and gave her a humiliating cavity search!
Updated October 22, 2007 April got tossed in the slammer again but this time she managed to smuggle in a cell phone so she could call her boyfriend. She tried to do it on the sly but her cellmate Rachel Roxx overheard her whispering and wanted to use it for herself. She snatched the phone away from her and thought of a way to show her who's boss. She stripped April's clothes off and played with all her holes. She stuck a finger up her ass to remember for the next time she wants something!
Updated October 15, 2007 Rachel was caught in the act of breaking into her bosses office after work hours and when she tried to run, officer Jen Harding was there to take her down. Rachel was brought down to the processing facility and ordered to strip her clothes off for a full-body cavity search. Jen Harding was kind enough to use lubrication, but Rachel just didn't appreciate the kindness!
Updated October 8, 2007 Jackie was caught red-handed by Officer Jen Harding trying to steal sensitive documents form the mall security office. Jen grabbed her by the hair and threw her on the ground, handcuffing her and bringing her to the jail cell. She made Jackie strip her clothes off and bent her over her desk so she could search her holes for contraband!
Updated October 1, 2007 On a routine stop to pick up a Slurpie, Officer Harding walks into a nearby corner store to discover a sexy prostitute trying to rob the store! Jen Harding pulled out her gun and quickly subdued Darla, bringing her down to the station to search and question her. She makes sure that she's not hiding any drugs or weapons by stripping her clothes off and conducting a thorough cavity search before tossing her in jail!
Updated September 17, 2007 Maria was on the top bunk fantasizing about her boyfriend when Darla got a bit greedy and stole Maria's banana from her. Darla gets bored sometimes and takes out her frustration on whoever is in the cell with her. This time it was Maria who she forced to strip naked, then Darla played with her fine round ass and already wet pussy until she was satisfied!
Updated September 10, 2007 April has been having some money trouble lately so she thought she'd try her hand as a car thief, but when she is caught red-handed by officer Harding she knows she'll be in trouble up to her tonsils. Jen Harding takes her into custody and does a thorough cavity search, forcing April to strip and spread her ass-cheeks for a couple probing fingers shoved deep into her asshole! Maybe this time she's learned her lesson!
Updated September 3, 2007 Suzanne was taking a nice comfy nap on her bunk when she was rudely awoken by her cellmate trying to steal her boyfriend from under her pillow. Suzanne jumped off the top bunk and shoved her banana into her mouth, bent her over and ripped off her pants. She had her way with her cellmate's ass, shoving her finger deep in her asshole, and taught her never to mess with your cell-mate's banana!
Updated August 27, 2007 Suzanne was arrested on prostitution charges and was brought down to the local precinct for booking. The arresting police officer was fed up with having to arrest Suzanne every week so she decided to teach her a very painful lesson! She forced her to strip off her clothing then proceeded to give her a very uncomfortable anal cavity search!
Updated August 20, 2007 Cindy can't take the pressure of jail. Her cellmate, Stacey, is a hard-bodied sexy black girl who takes what she pleases. Cindy succumbs to Stacey's will by begging on her knees for some tender love and care. They're separated by bars, but fingers and tongues can still slip through with the right motivation!
Updated August 13, 2007 Tera gets her ass used by Amelie when she gets bored and looks for a little excitement. Amelie climbed up to Tera's bunk and strips her clothes right off her pale, smooth skin. Tera is then mounted like a mule as Amelie gives her a shocker with one finger in her asshole and one in her pussy!
Updated August 6, 2007 Carla was arrested and brought down to the prison holding cell. The detective brought Carla into the main office for a humiliating strip and cavity search. She is then stripped down and has her asshole spread and poked. Unfortunately, the officer didn't find any contraband so she just throws her naked ass back into her cell!







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