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Site Last Updated Today: December 18, 2018
Updated July 30, 2007 Officer Rick caught Cassie, a smoking hot petty thief, shoplifting in his mall. She's been very successful in the past, using her sex to get away with different crimes, but the law caught up to her today. Officer Rick gets all the feels he wants as he frisks her, makes her stip naked and violates her ass while searching for "evidence". Needless to say, he didn't find anything, but Cassie learned her lesson I'm sure!
Updated July 23, 2007 When Suzanne woke up from her sleep she noticed Carla was watching her. Suzanne enjoyed her last encounter with Carla so she decided to repay the favor. They climbed up to the top bunk to get a little naughty. Carla's prison rags come off and Suzanne has some fun licking her nipples and fingering her pussy and ass!
Updated July 16, 2007 Tera snuck some alcohol into her prison cell but her cellmate Amelie went sniffing for it. She found it hidden under her pillow and snagged a gulp before Tera woke up. But Tera was pretty pissed off that her vodka was missing so she grabbed Amelie by the hair and forced her to undress. She then violated her pussy and asshole! This is what female prison is all about!!
Updated July 9, 2007 Officer Jen Harding nabbed herself this hottie, Hannah , who was caught stealing from her mall. Using the standard procedure she forced Hannah to strip down and spread her legs for a full body cavity search! Hannah swears she's not hiding anything but officer Harding checks her mouth, clothes and tight holes just to make sure. Hannah got her cute ass violated by the long finger of the law!
Updated July 2, 2007 David apprehends Tera after she's been caught stealing sun tan lotion. David's only problem is that he has no evidence. He's anticipating finding the evidence hidden somewhere on her body so he strips her down revealing a very sexy body and perky breasts. Then he bends her over his desk to do a deep cavity search, first fingering her pussy, then her ass but coming up empty handed in the end!
Updated June 18, 2007 Lisa was busted for shoplifting and put in the same cell as the seductive Shirly. Shirly was put behind bars for soliciting sex on the street, but now that she's in jail nothing can stop her from doing it again! Shirly rose quickly makes friends with her cellmate and gets her to suck on her gorgeous tits and lick her ass!
Updated June 11, 2007 This busty blonde got caught stealing by Jen Harding and was taken to the back room to be searched. She was being uncooperative so Jen made her strip down and bend over. She got the long finger of the law up her ass!
Updated June 4, 2007 Katie is put into the same holding cell as Katherine who was in prison for selling drugs. Katie was scared since it was her first time in prison, but Katherine was a seasoned pro! She decided to teach her cellmate about prison sex! Watch as Katie receives her first lesbian prison anal sex experience!
Updated May 28, 2007 Denise was arrested by Officer Jen Harding and brought down to the station for booking. When Officer Harding saw Denise's perfect firm breasts and beautiful body she knew she was going to have a good time with her. She ordered her to strip off her clothing and bend over the desk. Ms. Harding then proceeded to give her a fully body cavity search including her pussy and asshole!
Updated May 21, 2007 Katherine was arrested and placed into a holding cell with Katie for the weekend. Katie has been in the prison for 3 weeks without any cellmates so when she got a cellmate she was very excited. She introduced herself to her new "roommate" and after a few minutes convinced her to strip off her clothing. After a few minutes of kissing and touching each other, Katie was able to take out all of her sexual frustrations on her new friend!
Updated May 14, 2007 Dannielle was arrested and brought down to the prison for interrogation. She was giving the officer an attitude so the guard decided to show off her power and humiliate Dannielle with a strip search. After forcing her to remove her clothing she decided to take the strip search one step further. She forced Dannielle over the desk and gave her a very uncomfortable anal cavity search!
Updated May 7, 2007 Trisha was arrested and brought down to the prison for skipping out on a court appearance. She told the officer as soon as she posted bail she was going to flee the country. The officer couldn't do anything except make Trisha's stay at prison extremely uncomfortable. She decided to strip search her then gave her a very humiliating anal cavity search!







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