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Humiliating Search
Jamie was arrested the 3rd time for prostitution and brought down to the jail by a very pissed off officer. The officer was sick and tired of having to arrest Jamie and finally decided to teach her a lesson. She stripped Jamie down and proceeded to give her a very deep anal cavity search in front of the other prisoners!
Cuffed & Licked
Angela was put into a cell with Amber who was the prison's main bitch. Amber likes to initiate the new girls to prison with a little cuffed ass licking. While Angela was sleeping on the bed, Amber cornered her and handcuffed her. She then pulled down her pants and gave her asshole a nice erotic ass licking!
The Prison Guard
The supervisor of the jail was watching how the guards interact with inmates. He would spend a few minutes watching to make sure they were professional. Once he leaves things change! The prison guard uses his authority to take advantage of the inmates and trade sexual favors perks!
Jail House Orgy
Laura, Nicole and Stacey have been cell mates for 6 months. It's hard for three girls to live in such a small space together but they have their "special" way of bonding together! Laura pulls out their cell dildo and the other girls get happy! They all strip down and take turns fucking each other with the long purple dildo! Watch the hardcore cell action now!
Prison Orgy
The Women's Prison was running out of room, so they had to start putting 3 girls into a standard cell. Being in such close living arrangements together and having no physical contact with their boyfriends they only had each other to turn to. Watch what happens when you put 3 horny prisoners into the same prison cell!
Jail Booking
Lori is arrested and brought down to the local precinct to be charged and booked for grand theft. This was her first time she was arrested so the entire booking process was new to her. She was immediately stripped down and given a complete cavity search, including anal exam. She then has her mug shots taken and brought to a cell.
Prison Cavity Search
Kristen was arrested and brought down to prison for booking. This was the fourth time she was arrested this year and the officer was sick and tired of dealing with her. She decided to make this arrest a night to remember! She forced her to strip off her clothing and gave her a very painful cavity exam!
Flat Chested Arrested
Brianna was arrested for being drunk in public. The arresting officer was sick and tired of having to deal with reach spoiled bitches thinking they can do whatever they want. The officer decided that a humiliating cavity search might be exactly what she needed in order to learn a lesson!
Strip Search
Veronika was arrested and brought down to the station for questioning. She was giving the female officer an attitude so the officer decided to give her a very humiliating strip search. She gets completely stripped down, and had a finger shoved up her ass to check for hidden drugs!
Maria witnessed a crime and would not tell who commited it. She was brought into a jail cell, stripped down, and forced over the bed. The guard then gave her one more chance to speak. She refused. The guard then ordered another inmate to put a strap on dildo and fuck Maria in the ass!
Cellmate Love
Jessica was arrested and put into a holding cell for the weekend before she could face a judge to post bail. She was given a cellmate and the two girls started talking and quickly became friend. It was Friday night and they knew they had a long weekend ahead of them. Watch how they pass the time!
Blonde Interrogation
Kristine was arrested and brought down to the local jail to be processed and booked. She was taken to the mail cell where the prison guard stripped her down very roughly. She then decided to give her a very humiliating anal cavity search!







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