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Prison Sex
Jamie and Melinda were both arrested on Friday and placed in the same cell. They would have to wait until Monday morning to face the judge so the girls were in for a long weekend together. After the first night, Melinda was getting really horny. The only person she could turn too for sexual relief was Jamie!
Jail Booking
Loren was arrested and brought down to the local jail. She was never arrested before and was very nervous. The make matters worse the police lady was not very nice. She humiliated Loren by making her strip down then give her a very physical cavity search and rectal examination!
Inmate Initiation
Sara arrived at prison and was moved into cell A-81 which was currently housing a girl name Jessica. Jessica is very controlling, and having a new cell mate makes her very upset. This is Sara's first time in prison and she is very nervous. Jessica grabbed Sara and forced her to remove her clothing. Watch as she forces Sara into some very sexual situations!
Prison Orgy
One of the hottest prison orgies you will ever see! Jessica is a prison guard. She enters the cell, and tells the three inmates they are in for a little orgy. Melissa says she will not be part of it. The guard and two inmates grab her and strip her down. They then make her lick a dildo, and stick it up her ass! Watch as all these girls suck and fuck each other behind bars!
Cellmate Lickers
Dana was arrested and put into the same prison cell as Janie. Janie is a very bitchy inmate and decides to show Dana that she was the boss of the cell. She makes Dana strip off her clothing and get onto her hands and knees. While Dana is in the doggy style position she proceeds to play with her asshole!
Prison Sex
Gina was sleeping in her cell when another prisoner entered her area. Gina's cell was left unlocked and the other inmate decided to have a little fun with her. She pulled Gina out of her cell and handcuffed her to the bars. She then stripped her down and gave her a hard belting. Next, she put on a strapon dildo and proceeded to fuck Gina hard in her ass!
Cell Lovers
Jennifer and Lauren have been cell mates for a few months now. Since they have no one else to turn to, they only have each to relieve their sexual tension. Watch as these two girls get down and dirty and enjoy some hardcore prison lesbian sex!
Never Again...
Veronika has been running around town with some really bad guys. While they were breaking into a house, they were busted by the cops. She was brought down into the interrogation room. The arresting officer knows Veronika's family and decides that a little extreme action will help straighten her out!
Drunk In Public
Kristen was arrested for public intoxication and brought down to the local prison for booking. She was giving the arresting officer an attitude so the officer decided to teach her a lesson. She forced Kristen to remove her clothing and gave her a very humiliating entire body cavity search!
Booked and Stripped
This hot asian girl got arrested for prostitution and brought down to the booking station. She was giving the guard some attitude, so the officer decided to teach her a lesson! She forced her to strip off her clothing. Next she was bent over the desk and given a very deep anal cavity search!
Weekend Lesbians
Kara and Susan were both arrested on a Friday night and put into a holding cell until they could meet with a judge on Monday. The two girls realized it was going to be a long weekend and they would only have each other to keep company. After the first night the girls were so horny they knew what they had to do!!!
Welcome To Prison
Danielle was arrested for joy riding in a stolen car. Her father is very rich and he usually was able to use his influence and money to get her out of trouble. Unfortunately for her, not this time. She was taken into a holding cell where she was booked and had her mugshot taken and given a deep anal search!







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