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This hot blond was caught shop lifting high end clothes, while at the jail she smarted off to the officer! The officer wanted to teach Jai a lesson she wouldn't forget. She strips her clothes off then began a horrid full body exam. She takes her gloved hand and shoves a finger deep in her tight pussy, then she bends Jai over and shoves a finger deep into her asshole, to finish it up she belittled her and then threw her ass in to jail! Watch this exciting movie!

This babe gets busted for being a online escort so while at the booking she is stripped bare butt naked! She had fingers inserted into her sweet tight pussy to find if there were anything hiding, then she was bent over and her asshole spread wide open and fingered deep looking for contraband! After all the searching she was thrown in the slammer! Watch this exciting jail house movie now!

This hot brunette decided to steal a pair of shoes and got caught! At the jail cell the guard was wanting to teach this cutie a lesson she wouldn't forget! So she strips her down, and gives her a full body search, she inserts her fingers deep inside her tight pussy feeling for drugs, then she moves to her sweet asshole and digs deep finding nothing she continues to degrade her while finishing up the exam. Watch as this brunette gets humiliated and searched like never before!

This little cutie came in drunk as a skunk and was caught driving while drunk! To teach this little drunk slut a lesson the jail guard preformed a harsh and embarrassing exam! She starts with stripping her bare butt naked, then she probes her tits, and fingers her pussy! She then flips her on her back and shoves her finger in her tight asshole! Watch this new movie of this poor little drunk girl getting her first reality check!

Lillian was arrested for coke procession and being a high end escort. The officer down at the jail had a great time searching Lillian's asshole, mouth, pussy! While she was searching her love holes she would insert her finger in and out and very deep all the while Lillian felt ashamed! While the arresting officer taunted her over and over and humiliating her till she cried like a little sissy! This is one amazing movie to watch, if you're into bad girls getting what they deserve then this is the movie for you.

A sexy business lady gets arrested, the jail guard hates snobs, she decides to treat her like every other inmate and gives her a complete strip search, and we mean complete. This girl has a nice bubble butt
and is really tight, so don't blame the guard for taking her lovely time finger fucking her ass. Hot movie!

A stunning girl gets arrested, the jail guard obviously wants to treat her just like any other inmate, she pulls down her rich silk panties and starts the strip search process, she really took her time searching her all over, when she saw her tight asshole she decided to do a deep cavity search. Hot girl, great butt and super cute face.

This hot spoiled brat was arrested and she really was rude to everyone, the jail guard took her time strip searching this cutie with huge mega boobs. Watch her get a complete pussy and anal exam
and lots more, this move is hot in many ways, this girl has a nice juicy ass and super big tits.
Male and female jail guards strip search and take turns giving this hot girl a very deep cavity search, they finger her pussy, asshole and take their time going thru everything including her nice breasts. This girl has one hot bubble butt!
  Kim is a beautiful Asian girl who visited her local massage parlor for a relaxing massage. Little did she know, she was about to have her first lesbian experience ever. Her masseuse was a busty blonde who had a thing for Asian girls. She started giving Kim a very innocent massage, but after a few minutes she started "testing" Kim to see how far she could go. She would let her hand rub over Kim's breasts to see if she would say anything. At first Kim was a little hesitant, but when the masseuse brushed her hand over Kim's panties she could feel her dripping wet with excitement. She asked if she could pull down her panties and Kim happily obliged!
When a very rich prissy girl gets arrested shes in shock when she gets stripped and searched, the female police officer wont tolerate ms blondies attitude, she shows her whos boss. A good deep cavity search and many other humiliating things happen, next time she will know that the rules apply to everyone. This girl has a solid tight butt and tits and a tight nice pink asshole. One of the best films yet!
The prison guard was one happy lady today, she got to do a deep cavity search on a girl with one of the hottest biggest thickest sexiest butts shes ever seen. She also loved her huge natural tits. Watch as she gets a complete examination including a deep pussy exam and a deep anal cavity search. Such a hot movie, don't miss it.







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