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Big Chested Arrested
Carmel was arrested for flash her boobs. The arresting officer was sick and tired of having to deal with these bitches thinking they can do whatever they want. The officer decided that a humiliating cavity search might be exactly what she needed in order to learn a lesson!
Doing Hard Time
Claire is one of the most prettiest criminals in prison. She is very strong, and very unpredictable. She needs to be in control of every situation she is in. When she receives a new roommate she has to over power her and prove she is the dominant one. She does this by fucking her new roommates in the ass with a beaded anal dildo!
Booked and Stripped
Paris was arrested and brought down to the prison holding cell. After the detective arrived, she brought Paris into the main office for an entire humiliating strip and cavity search. Paris is stripped down and has her asshole spread and poked. She is then handcuffed and put back into the holding cell!
Stripped And Booked
Danielle was arrested for joy riding in a stolen car. Her father is very rich and he usually was able to use his influence and money to get her out of trouble. Unfortunately for her, not this time. She was taken into a holding cell where she was booked and had her mug shot taken and given a deep anal search!
Attitude Change
Nicky was arrested and brought down to the station for questioning. She was giving the female officer an attitude so the officer decided to give her a very humiliating strip search. She gets completely stripped down, and had a finger shoved up her ass to check for hidden drugs!
Cell mate Lickers
Diana was arrested and put into the same prison cell as Tenny. Tenny is a very bitchy inmate and decides to show Diana that she was the boss of the cell. She makes Diana strip off her clothing and get onto her hands and knees. While Diana is in the doggy style position she proceeds to play with her asshole!
Prison Booty Call
Tina was put into the same holding cell Cassie. Tina was really attracted to her and wanted to know her better. Since both of the girls were going to have to spend the weekend together in the same cell, they only had each other for company. Watch as they get to know each other a little better!
Prison Sex

Becky and Helen were both arrested on a Friday night so that meant there was going to be a long weekend in prison before they could post bail. By Saturday night the girls were so horny they only had each other to help relieve their sexual tension! Watch as these two girls make their own party!

Weekend Prison Fun
Jill and Sue were both arrested on a Friday night and put into a holding cell until they could meet with a judge on Monday. The two girls realized it was going to be a long weekend and they would only have each other to keep company. After the first night the girls were so horny they knew what they had to do!!!
Bored Cell mate
Jessica was arrested and put into a holding cell for the weekend before she could face a judge to post bail. She was given a Cell mate and the two girls started talking and quickly became friend. It was Friday night and they knew they had a long weekend ahead of them. Watch how they pass the time!
Humilating Fun
Jamie was arrested and brought down to the local jail to be processed and booked. She was taken to the main cell where the prison guard stripped her down very roughly. She then decided to give her a very humiliating pussy anal cavity search!
Strip & Cavity Search
Christy was arrested and taken down to the police station. The guard in charge decided she wanted to teach little miss Christy a lesson about prison. She stripped her down and made her stand there naked. She then bent Christy over and gave her a very deep anal cavity search!







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