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Prison Sex
Kristen was arrested and put into a prison cell with the meanest black girl in the jail Denise Styles. This was her first time in jail and she was very nervous so when her Cell mate told her to strip off her clothing she didn't hesitate. Kristen's Cell mate then bent over and had Kristen lick her black ass! Watch as this prison girl gets dominated by her Cell mate!
Sexual Relief
Jamie and Belinda were both arrested on Friday and placed in the same cell. They would have to wait until Monday morning to face the judge so the girls were in for a long weekend together. After the first night, Belinda was getting really horny. The only person she could turn too for sexual relief was Jamie!
Uncomfortable Search
Barbara was arrested for prostitution and brought down to the local prison for booking. This was the 4th time she was arrested, so the officer decided that a little humiliation might teach her a lesson. After being strip searched she was given a very uncomfortable pussy and anal search!
Not So Spoiled Now
Britannia was arrested for being drunk in public. The arresting officer was sick and tired of having to deal with rich spoiled bitches thinking they can do whatever they want. The officer decided that a humiliating cavity search might be exactly what she needed in order to learn a lesson!
Weekend Cell Fun
Toni and Sara were all put in a holding cell for the night. They were just sitting around talking when Toni brought up the idea about having sex. Sara thought it was a great idea. Watch as these sexy inmates get to know each other a little better!
Just Passing Time
Tamara was arrested and put into a holding cell for the weekend before she could face a judge to post bail. She was given a cell mate and the two girls started talking and quickly became friends. It was Sat night and they knew they had a long weekend ahead of them. Watch how they pass the time!
Cell Initiation
Stacy was put into a cell with Amy who was the prison's main slut. Amy loves to initiate the new girls to prison with a little ass licking. While Stacy was laying on the bed, Amy cornered her and stripped her down and then pulled down her panties and gave her asshole a nice erotic ass licking!
Booked and Stripped
This hot asian girl got arrested for prostitution and brought down to the booking station. She was giving the guard some attitude, so the officer decided to teach her a lesson! She forced her to strip off her clothing. Next she was bent over the desk and given a very deep anal cavity search!
Just Masturbating
Susan was arrested on a Friday night and put into a holding cell until she could meet with a judge on Monday. she realized it was going to be a long weekend and she would only have her fingers and a dildo she found under the cell bed! This way she keep herself busy all weekend. After the first night she did not care who saw her, she was very horny!!!
Deep Anal Search
Fay was arrested for shoplifting and brought down to the local prison . This was the 2nd time she was arrested this month and the arresting officer was pissed off. She realized that the judicial system was not working so she was going to teach her a lesson on her own. After she stripped her off her clothing she was given a deep anal cavity search!
Stripped Down
Dana was arrested and taken down to the police station. The guard in charge decided she wanted to teach Dana a lesson about prison. She stripped her down and made her stand there naked. She then bent Dana over and gave her a very deep anal cavity search!
The Prison Guard
Brandy and Kim were both arrested and placed into cells next to each other. It was Friday night, so they would have to spend all weekend in prison before they could face the judge for bail. The two girls only have each other for company! Watch what they do to ease the stresses of prison!







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