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Bored And All Alone
Four girls are picked up for grand theft larceny. They are escorted into a holding cell where they are forced to strip down. Then one by one, they are all given full humiliating cavity searches by a female guard. This includes searching their entire bodies including their asses in front of the other girls!
A Girls Night Out
Brenda and Kimmy were both arrested and placed into cells next to each other. It was Friday night, so they would have to spend all weekend in prison before they could face the judge for bail. The two girls only have each other for company! Watch what they do to ease the stresses of prison!
Real Prison Sex
Tammy was arrested by Officer Tenaya and brought down to the station. When Officer Quinn saw Tammy's perfect firm breasts and beautiful body she knew she was going to have a good time with her. She ordered her to strip off her clothing and bend over the bed. Ms. Fox then proceeded to give her a fully body cavity search including her pussy and asshole!
Cell mate Lickers
Dana is put into the same holding cell as Kate who was in prison for selling her ass. Dana was scared since it was her first time in prison, but Kate was a seasoned pro! She decided to teach her Cell mate about prison sex! Watch as Dana receives her first lesbian prison anal sex experience!
Licking & Sticking
Tina and Lisa were arrested for writing bad checks. This was Lisa's first time in jail but Tina was a season pro. Tina didn't waste any time and by night fall they both were bored and horny. Tina stripped Lisa's clothing off, bent her over and proceeded to lick and finger her asshole! They both took turns licking and sticking each others holes way into the morning hours!
Welcome To Prison

Gina apprehends Marie after she's been caught stealing sun flower seeds. Gina's anticipating finding the evidence hidden somewhere on her body so she strips her down revealing a very sexy body and itty bitty tittys. Then she bends her over to do a deep cavity search, first fingering her pussy, then her ass but coming up empty handed in the end!

Treat Me Bad
Cinnamon was arrested and brought to the local precinct for booking. The arresting officer was very tired of the local girls thinking they could run around the city causing problems and get away with things. The officer decided if she treated Cinnamon bad it would teach the other girls a lesson! Watch as she is made to suck and then get fucked by this hot guard!
Strip & Cavity Search
Candy Apple was arrested and brought down to the prison holding cell. After the guard arrived, she brought Candy into the main office for an entire humiliating strip and cavity search. Candy is stripped down and has her asshole spread and poked. She is then handcuffed and put back into the holding cell!
Prison Sex
Harmony Rose and Casey Parker were both arrested on a Friday night so that meant there was going to be a long weekend in prison before they could post bail. By Saturday night the girls were so horny they only had each other to help relieve their sexual tension! Tons of great tongue licking ass spanking and anal insertions!
Her Special Way
Nicole and Tammie have been cell mates for 4 months. It's hard for 2 girls to live in such a small space together but they have their "special" way of bonding together! Nicole pulls Down Tammie's panties and she strip down as well! They both took turns fucking each other with there long wet and hot tongues! Watch the hardcore cell action now!
The Prison Nurse
Kate was arrested and brought down to prison for booking. This was the 5 time she was arrested this year and the officer was sick and tired of dealing with her. She decided to make this arrest a night to remember! She forced her to strip off her clothing and gave her a very painful cavity exam!
Drunken Private Time
Biennia was arrested for being drunk in public Friday. While waiting for Monday to get here so she could bail herself out, she took her private time a step further! She started thinking about her hot boyfriend and she got so turned on she decided to masturbate! She strips down and starts to go to town! Watch and Hear Her Screams!!!







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