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Site Last Updated Today: December 18, 2018
A Prison Spanking
Candie was put into the same prison cell as Toni. Toni has been in prison for a few years and the officers usually put the new girls in with her because she sets a great example for what the girls are in for! When Candie didn't follow the rules Toni strips off her clothing and proceeds to spank her bare ass very hard and long!
Jail House Sex
Jenny Kiser was arrested and put into the same prison cell as Sara James. This was Jenny's first time in jail and she was very scared. Sara was very dominating and forced Jenny to strip off her clothing! Once she was naked, Sara licked and fingered Jenny's tight asshole!
Banana Split
Lori Young was in prison for drunk in public. It was a Friday night so she would have to wait until Monday morning to meet with the judge to get bail. Her Cell mate China was able to get a banana snuck in to the jail, so she wanted to test it out. Lori was a little hesitant at first, but after a few minutes, China convinced her to give it a try!
Forcefully Stripped
Lita Fordham was arrested for shop lifting and brought down to the local precinct for booking. When she was brought in she was giving the guard an attitude. The guard was sick of her shit and decided she was going to teach her a lesson. She forcefully stripped off Lita's clothing and proceeded to give her a very uncomfortable cavity search!
Teaching A Lesson
Roxy was arrested for prostitution and brought down to the local prison for booking. This was the 3rd time she was arrested, so the officer decided that a little humiliation might teach her a lesson. After being strip searched she was given a very uncomfortable pussy and anal search!
Interracial Jail Sex
Kim Yang and Jennifer have been cell mates for a few months now. Since they have no one else to turn to, they only have each to relieve their sexual tension. Watch as these two girls get down and dirty and enjoy some hardcore prison lesbian sex!
Having Her Own Fun
Danielle was arrested for joy riding in a stolen car. She knew it would be awhile before she could get out and be with her boyfriend, so she took out her little toy which was not found in the search and began a night full of fun!
The Prison Guard
Kelly was arrested the 3rd time for prostitution and brought down to the jail by a very pissed off officer. The officer was sick and tired of having to arrest Kelly and finally decided to teach her a lesson. She stripped Kelly down and proceeded to give her a very deep anal cavity search! See More OF It Now!







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