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Jessica got arrested in a small town, although she acted very proper once in jail, the guard still wanted to really show her what jail is all about. As soon as the other guards where gone, she accused Jessica of hiding drugs, she told her she will have to go thru a strip search. She checked everything, and spent a great deal of time spreading Jessica's big bubble butt and sticking her finger all the way inside her obvious virgin asshole. She also examined her pussy, hot movie in every way possible.
2 Prissy girls decide they can go party in a small town and drive around drunk, but when they get arrested and arrive to the local holding jail they encounter a mad butch prison guard that really
can't stand prissy bitches. Instead of strip searching them in private she decides to do a complete really deep rectal exam on each girl while the other watches. It is obvious that these girls aren't girls who take it up the ass, but they bend over and have to submit to this guard. Hot movie with super hot girls with amazing bottoms, must see.
The dyke prison guard loves when a hot blonde with a thick butt gets sent to jail, she loves taking a white stuck up girl and showing her how it feels to get striped naked and bent over. But she doesn't stop there, she takes her finger and rams it up the girls asshole all the way, this girl obviously is new to having a finger up her ass,
extremely hot video.
A truly hot flawless black girls gets in trouble, she's the stuck up kind, she thinks the rules don't apply to her. But when the prison guard is a real bull dyke and sees this beauty walk in she knew right away what this girl needs. She strips her completely naked, and gives her the deepest cavity search she's ever done. This black girls ass is rare, its round big tight and her asshole is obviously tight. The guard also decides to finger her pussy as part of the search. Hot amazing movie in every way!
Brenda was arrested for public intoxication and brought down to the local jail for booking. She was giving the arresting officer an attitude so the officer decided to teach her a lesson. She instructed Brenda to remove her clothing and gave her a very humiliating entire body cavity search!

Brandie was arrested and brought down to the station for questioning. She was giving the female officer an attitude so the officer decided to give her a very humiliating strip search. She gets completely stripped down, and had a finger shoved up her ass to check for hidden drugs!
Jamie was arrested and brought down to the prison for booking. The prison guard was pissed off she had to work overtime, so she decided to have fun with her. She instructed Jamie to strip off her clothing undergoing a very humiliating strip search.The guard then made sure to be very thorough checking all of Jamie's "cavities" to make sure nothing was hidden on her body! Watch as Jamie receives a very embarrasing vaginal and anal search!
Kristen is a lawyer who was representing one of the worst criminals in the prison. Kristen needed to have a meeting with the inmate but didn't schedule it with the guard. When she showed up to meet with the inmate the guard would not let her in. After a few minutes of negotiating with the guard, she agreed to let Kristen in...only if she would agree to a full body cavity search. Kristen couldn't believe it, but reluctantly let the guard search her. Watch as she undergoes the most humiliating and embarrassing experience of her life!
Lori was arrested for trying to shoplift a purse from the local mall. She was arrested by Officer Stacey and brought down to the local prison for booking and mug shots. Officer Stacey was really pissed off that this was the second time she had to arrest Lori in a month and decided that some humiliation would help teach her a lesson. She instructed Lori to remove her clothing and gave her a very humiliating cavity search making sure to check her body for any hidden contraband!
Kalie was arrested and brought down to the prison for booking. The arresting officer was having a bad day and decided to take it out on Kalie. She took out her handcuffs and cuffed Kalie's hands above her head. The officer then instructed Kalie to strip her clothing and checked her for any hidden contraband. Kalie was really uncomfortable and begged the officer to uncuff her hands. The officer agreed, then took her handcuffs off and threw Kalie over the desk. "Time for a full body cavity search", she said as she spread Kalie's ass and shoved a finger deep into her tight asshole.
Jenna has been having some money trouble lately so she thought she'd try stealing some things from the local convenience store. However, when she is caught red-handed by the police, she knows she is in serious trouble. The officer takes her into custody and does am extremely thorough cavity search, forcing Jenna to strip and spread her ass-cheeks for her probing fingers which she shoves deep inside her asshole! !
Krista was arrested by the local officer and was brought down to the local jail. The officer saw Krista selling drugs, but couldn't find them when they searched her pockets. Krista denied having any drugs, but the officer knew better. She knows the girls commonly hide the drugs on their body so she decided to strip search her and give her a fully cavity search!







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